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Auto Assembly Prints

(the upper two are from last year but I didn’t manage to do new ones)

Wanted to prepare for ordering but my arm hurts like crap so I go to bed if you want any specific (SFW) older art as print  not shown here please message me or just answer this post within 24 hrs! Thank you.

Most will be smaler prints but will also make some new large ones, very limited becuase I don’t have much potential customers anyway.

(Reblogs would be helpful to make sure all the peeps going to AA actually see this thing. Feel free to delete it in 2-3 days and thank you in advance!)

EDIT: Prices are
A3            6
A4            3
A5            2
Postcard 1

Generally it would be awesome if I knew who is interested at all (and in what) so I know how much to make/take with me?

Storm and Rogue were my most fav from the 90ies cartoon btw=v=


  • Greyscale paintings are painted in greyscale with the colour accents overlaid or painted on; colour paintings are painted in full colour from start to finish; detailed paintings have considerably more polish to them and their details and take more time
  • 5$ per extra character for sketch and b/w paint
  • 10$ per extra character for colour paint and colour paint 2.0
  • 5$ extra for pornographic content
  • Simple backgrounds (single colour, patterns, shapes, no extra cost) or no backgrounds
  • What I will draw: ocs, fanart, transformers and other robots (unless the complexity of their design is outside my skill level), various aliens and non human characters (unless certain design elements raise difficulties) pokemon, mlp, nsfw content, mech gore, non-mech gore negotiable
  • What I will not draw: furries, animals, machinery (bikes etc.), offensive content etc.
  • Some prices can be negotiated and styles and techniques used can be negotiated too- if you like a specific way I drew something at some point, you could ask your commission to be made like that etc.
  • I will start working on the commission as soon as I receive the full payment. Sorry, no refunds, unless I am unable to finish the commission- in that case I will refund in full. When doing the colour paint and colour paint 2.0 type commissions, I will send the sketch for approval before I continue working on it.
  • I will send the finished commission to your email in high-res format. 
  • These commissions are only for non commercial, personal use, please credit me when posting them/using them.
  • Paypal only!
  • If interested, please email with ‘commission’ as the title of the email.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an ask or fanmail!

I think I covered everything, phew. I’m attempting to do commissions again after several years since last time, since I am jobless atm and Auto Assembly is next month! If you can’t commission me, signal boosting by reblogging would be VERY appreciated! Thank you for reading!

high resolution →

I’ll do some edits to the lineart when I’ll color it, but for now I’m done because it’s 4am here *lies down*

high resolution →

Didn’t draw detailed hair in a while @u@

also please DO NOT send me anymore request, if anyone will send me new ones I will just ignore/delete them now

I want to finish those that I already have and after I’m done I might reblog another color palette challenge with new colors:)