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Well that’s irritatingly cryptic.

grats Zer0 now you know how I feel.

but srsly tho this DLC was really great:”) so much cool and fun dialogue, plus the Vault Hunters have their own dialogue replies in this DLC and these personal messages at the end. I really want to know more about this “One” and why they helped Zer0 ajsfksdgd

oh and im def getting that new beach themed skin for him

So I have video game motion sickness, if you don`t know what that is, I get dizzy/nauseous while playing 1st person games, which is very annoying and bad for health

I’m writing on my main art blog, because I have more followers here and maybe some of you had/have the same thing or know  how to prevent it? Because I googled some solutions and sadly not all will work for me, for example I can’t sit further away from my screen, because I’m playing on a laptop, I do play with more lights on and an open window for fresh air, but I don’t want to get a huge electricity bill afterwards, I do lower the mouse sensitivity but it doesn’t always help…so maybe some of you know better solutions?

Tho some 1st person games are ok, with Borderlands 1 and 2 i got used to it and stopped getting motion sick, with BioShock I got so dizzy after 20min of gameplay that later I just stopped playing it, now I’m trying to play Mirror’s edge and I get really dizzy and nauseous, even after I stop playing and try to look around the room I get really dizzy ;-; Help??

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doodling random things before bed and trying to get out of art block

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ok, so first of all, this is late by weeks and i am so so sorry

and second of all… happy (belated) birthday arctg!!!!! may you have a good year etc and i hope you still like rodimus enough ahehe


BUT AAAAH THANK YOU FOR PARTY RODDY if i did have Rod for my bday it would be the best bday ever uwu AND LOOK AT HIS TINY PARTY HAT OMG THANK YOU PLASTIC u3u <333

these were really fun to make, i love how max came out =w=

Crimson Typhoon

welp i can finally post these, more PR paper children to come as I only need to buy Coyote and Cherno figures for my jaeger collection @u@

Striker Eureka

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i’m too busy working and have very little time to draw, but sometimes i manage to doodle something and i pretty much spend most of my free time one day looking up pokemons for teen wolf characters if they were trainers/gym leaders


ahah yeah

i really want to finish Lydia and then draw Allison and Kira and then maybe move to the others, also pokemons are hard to draw sighs