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❤ Hello guys! I am happy to announce the opening of my print shops on Society6 and Inprnt! ❤

If there are drawings that aren’t in the shop that you would like as a print please send me a note and I will add it there :’)

❤ Also, thank you for all the resent comments, likes, reblogs and follows! You are real sweethearts! (◡‿◡✿)❤

Guys, my best friend is selling prints!! Please make sure to check them out and buy some of those amazing drawings, I mean check out that art!


  • If you`re interested please send me an ask or a fan-mail here, or contact me via my e-mail: schg @ spaces)
  • Will start working on the commission after I got the money. No refunds, sorry. I may cancel the commission and send you the money back if I won`t have time to finish it.
  • Works will be send in high-res to your e-mail. Please use them for non commercial use, you can post them on your site/blog just please credit me or send a link to my tumblr.
  • Will draw mostly anything, except furries, too difficult mechas(transformers are okay tho) and some other things, feel free to ask! OC`s are more than welcome.
  • Max 3 characters in one pic, simple or no BG.
  • Additional character is 60% from the price, except for chibies.
  • Some prices can be negotiated, if you want just a lineart or a simple colored pic with a smaller palette it will cost less.
  • Paypal only! Prices are in USD. Also please mark the payments in a way that you would be paying for sending, so I wouldn’t lose money.

Auto Assembly is in a couple of months and I really need extra money, plus I can’t find work atm, I either get rejection e-mails or no replies at all.

Also my family condition changed this year in a bad way, so I really need money for food and other necessary things. Please signal boost/reblog if you can!

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Sketchy commission for entertainmentduelist of their Dragon Age mage OC x>

Pose ref

Commission info

I finally kicked myself to scan the amazing commissions I got at Auto Assembly:

Drift by Nick Roche, Windblade by coffeewmilk, Drift by Casey Coller and those two together by kingoji

I can’t wait to buy frames and put these on my wall! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

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Omg /)UwU(\ I would love to run around with you and heal you while I’ll punch people with my awesome shield:”)

I always wanted to play as nurse Maya, but have little people to play with or end up playing as Zer0:’D


also if you people have borderlands 2 on steam you can always write to me and ill add you 8”) or l4d2 or if you will have the pre-sequel pls lemme add you on steam, i wanna play with people ;u;

my steam is SchG and my icon is the same as on tumblr/twitter