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VHNT Borderlands Spotlight of the Week #6 (August 30 - September 5) - arctg

The Vault Hunter Network Tumblr will be featuring graphic and fan-art artists, cosplayers, and more from the Borderlands fan family every week on Saturday. Please feel free to suggest someone for future Spotlights!

This week’s Spotlight is on arctg. Sasha is an artist from Lithuania, and she draws a whole range of subjects in her incredibly colorful artwork. She’s done a number of “color palette meme” pieces for Borderlands, as you can see above. She’s really looking forward to being able to play as Athena in the next game too.

Tumblr (art blog) | commissionsDeviantArt 

original image sources*: Angel, Maya, Gaige, Athena, Zer0

*These images were reposted with express permission from the artist/cosplayer/etc. Please reblog this post or the linked art above and do not repost their art yourself.

I kept forgetting to reblog it…Thank you very much for featuring me:”) <33

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some sort of monster/centipede/crab oc


❤ Hello guys! I am happy to announce the opening of my print shops on Society6 and Inprnt! ❤

If there are drawings that aren’t in the shop that you would like as a print please send me a note and I will add it there :’)

❤ Also, thank you for all the resent comments, likes, reblogs and follows! You are real sweethearts! (◡‿◡✿)❤

Guys, my best friend is selling prints!! Please make sure to check them out and buy some of those amazing drawings, I mean check out that art!


  • If you`re interested please send me an ask or a fan-mail here, or contact me via my e-mail: schg @ spaces)
  • Will start working on the commission after I got the money. No refunds, sorry. I may cancel the commission and send you the money back if I won`t have time to finish it.
  • Works will be send in high-res to your e-mail. Please use them for non commercial use, you can post them on your site/blog just please credit me or send a link to my tumblr.
  • Will draw mostly anything, except furries, too difficult mechas(transformers are okay tho) and some other things, feel free to ask! OC`s are more than welcome.
  • Max 3 characters in one pic, simple or no BG.
  • Additional character is 60% from the price, except for chibies.
  • Some prices can be negotiated, if you want just a lineart or a simple colored pic with a smaller palette it will cost less.
  • Paypal only! Prices are in USD. Also please mark the payments in a way that you would be paying for sending, so I wouldn’t lose money.

Auto Assembly is in a couple of months and I really need extra money, plus I can’t find work atm, I either get rejection e-mails or no replies at all.

Also my family condition changed this year in a bad way, so I really need money for food and other necessary things. Please signal boost/reblog if you can!

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Sketchy commission for entertainmentduelist of their Dragon Age mage OC x>

Pose ref

Commission info

I finally kicked myself to scan the amazing commissions I got at Auto Assembly:

Drift by Nick Roche, Windblade by coffeewmilk, Drift by Casey Coller and those two together by kingoji

I can’t wait to buy frames and put these on my wall! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

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