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I never know what to do with her additional arms and where to put them in the drawing UnU

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Lady von Whippingberg

I won’t be round for a while here(except for twitter because that’s the only app that works on my poop phone) because my laptop is in repair and I will get it only next week(probably)

I’m using my sister’s laptop for a bit to check my email and sometimes a bit of tumblr

so maybe some of you would like some quick 10$ ink/marker sketch commission, like the ones I did for inktober? because I need some extra cash for my laptop repairs…

you can note me here on tumbr if you’re interested:’>

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inktober vampire “enjoying” his vacation:’)

promoting the Vampire book project hue

Please check out the Kickstarter of this project

the book will have loads of amazing illustrations(no sparkles and not as silly as this one ahah) so please check out the kickstarter page <33

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ad today’s inktober uou